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PO Box 129
Webb, Mississippi 38966
Phone: (662) 375-9291 Fax: (662) 375-9294
RH Bearden Elementary

Welcome to RH Bearden Elementary School

School Motto: "We are readers, writers, and problem-solvers..."

MISSION STATEMENT: To inspire, develop, and engage all students to RISE, and become readers, writers, and problem solvers.

VISION STATEMENT: To prepare students to meet or exceed the school's proficiency goals and become respectful citizens.

WTSD Goals:

  • Increase Student Achievement
  • Create Safe & Orderly School Climates
  • Increase The Number Of College And Career Ready Students
  • Increase Parent And Family Engagment
  • Maintain A Sound Financial Status

R. H. Bearden Elementary

Post Office Box 189
Sumner , MS 38957
Phone: (662)375-8304

Staff Directory

Ms. Devora Berdin, Principal
Mr. Herman Brownlow, Assistant Principal
Ms. Tiffany Haynes, Counselor
Gloria Clark, Administrative Associate I
Mr. Keith Johnson, School Safety Officer
Ms. Evita Bonner, Nurse
School Photo
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