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Webb, Mississippi 38966
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RH Bearden Elementary

Principal's Corner

Principal Robert Skipper

Welcome to R. H. Bearden Elementary School (RHBES) where student success is our #1 priority! As we embark upon this school year, we must never forget that teaching and learning is our over-arching goal. Our students depend on us to provide them with effective instructional strategies that will prepare them for college and beyond. Each one of us has an important role to fulfill in the lives of our students; therefore, let's take a serious approach to being an educational partner promoting student success.

As a culture which fosters compassion, connections and high expectations, we believe that tomorrow's leaders are created today. Each student is viewed as an individual with great potential and promise by our compassionate staff. We use district standards as well as ingenuity and creativity to create a positive, exciting opportunity to grow and learn every day.

I hope when you visit our school you will feel our strong sense of community and family pride.

Devora J. Berdin

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