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Jobs for MS Graduates

Williams & Kimmons Williams & Kimmons JMG (Jobs for MS Graduates) is a program in our school district that is setting higher standards of excellence in preparing our students to be college and career ready. Setting the bar for other schools to mimic our achievements at such a magnitude is only possible with experience and grace by our very own Mrs. Kimmons. Jobs for MS Graduates is a program that is tailored to fit the needs of students and our school partners whom all share common factors of competency- and experiential-based curriculum.

The primary objective of this core program is to keep students fully engaged in high school through graduation, leading to enrollment in post-secondary education, a continued education credential or training program or a quality job with a career pathway.

Jobs for Mississippi Graduates(JMG) Study Etiquette The JMG students of West Tallahatchie High School recently studied a unit on etiquette where many topics were discussed such as but not limited to Basic Dining Etiquette (The Main Course, The Napkin, Table Taboos, etc.), cultural differences with etiquette, and development of healthy self-concepts for home, school, and work.

The culminating activity was a special dinner. The students had the opportunity to put their knowledge into action, and they were able to dine on some delicious and delectable dishes. The meal was prepared by JMG specialist; Mrs. Mary Kimmons. Special Guests were Supt. Christopher Furdge, Principal Robert Skipper, Executive Secretary Mrs. Veronica Hill & Federal Programs Administrative Associate I, Mrs. Marilyn Gibbs.

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