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About West Tallahatchie School District

The West Tallahatchie School District (WTSD) is a public school district with its headquarters in the Charles M. George Facility for Educational Services in Sumner, Mississippi. In addition Sumner, the district also serves the communities of Brazil, Webb, Tutwiler, Vance and Glendora.

Mission Statement

The mission of the administrators, faculty, staff, and parents of the West Tallahatchie School District is to educate students to become productive citizens actively contributing in an ever changing technological society.

District Goals

  • Student Achievement: Increase performance to a B successful rating for the 2015-2016 school term
  • Graduation Rate: Increase by 10% or more annually
  • Dropout Rate: Decrease by 10% or more annually
  • Parental Involvement: Increase by 10% annually


R.H. Bearden Elementary School, formally known as West District School is located in Sumner.

West Tallahatchie High School (nicknamed "West Tally") is located in Webb.

The North Delta Alternative School in Sumner is the district's alternative school that provides alternative educational services for its students, and students in surrounding school districts.

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