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Professional Development

Professional development has been purchased for West Tallahatchie High School. I am reaching out to you to schedule your initial professional development session. You will find a brief description of the professional development services purchased for your district below.

Please touch base with me at your earliest convenience to discuss any questions you may have regarding the scheduling of your professional development. If you have possible dates and times that will work for you and your staff, I am happy to assist you with scheduling your session with one of our Renaissance Coaches or Renaissance Consultants. Please be aware that early Fall is our busiest time for professional development. With schedules filling up quickly, we will need advanced notice to secure your potential date(s) for August and September.

I can be reached at 866-559-5705 from 8:30am to 5:00pm Central Time, Monday through Friday, or email me at Katrina.Lee@Renaissance.com. If I am not available, please feel free to leave a message, or dial 1 to speak with one of my colleagues who can also assist you.

Onsite Professional Development Day

Our 6-hour in-person professional development may be delivered in a full day session for a single group of participants or two half day session for two groups. Each session is tailored to your unique experience level and implementation goals. Our expert Renaissance Consultants model best classroom practices for teachers with hands-on experience to deepen implementation. Each onsite session may include up to 30 attendees.

Please contact me with a preferred date for your on-site Professional Development event including any possible alternate dates. We do our best to accommodate your choice of dates and will review dates for presenter availability in the prioritized order you provide. We kindly ask that you request potential dates at least 6 weeks in advance, to give us sufficient time to arrange travel and ship materials.

Thank you for partnering with Renaissance Professional Services for your professional development and implementation support. I look forward to working with you to schedule your initial session!

Katrina Lee on Behalf of Debra Lee
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